8-Tips for Stay alone from home

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As student or worker staying away from home is a common incident for part of study or earning. Sometimes you’re with family or stay alone from your permanent livelihood. You become tense up what I will do in that unknown place. Here we compiled some way to cope your time to borrow not felling lonely.

Your contact info: If you share room with mate inform him/her about your home address, residential contact no., office or institute phone number and local guardian number and you keep note for her/him essentials. You can share it to your flat mate and the house owner/mess owner or display it on your table or besides of your door wall.

Know the local book-self resources: Yes, books are your best friend indeed. Know your local library, it may be govt. recognized or under any foreign embassy. Make a membership card and participate to access reading room. Besides read book you get introduced with the other members, take part seminar which organize by the libraries and this is the best opportunity to match frequency with the right one.

Build your emergency contact: Know your local police station location and contact number and fire station number too. You need to have lodge FIR or inform the fireman if any inflammable incident happens in your neighbor.

Food court: Fast-food even dinner dish though you cook own or provide by the home service it is useful to know your nearest eatery. They will help you when you wouldn’t able to access your formal food resource.

Health is wealth: This proverb is old but idea isn’t. Know your general physician contact and his/her chamber. Medicine shops and local hospital assist you first-aid medicine or in case of casualty.

Mail or Courier: Local courier or post mail service help you to send emergency letter or gift case for dearest one or official purpose. It may be required for new job opportunity or essential participation.

Your Chronic: If you have diabetes, chronic illness or allergy even blood group inform your mate.

Xerox file: Your essential qualification documents, voter or adhaar id, driving license, passport and pass book etc. detail Xerox copy keep it in a separate file with the originals. One set keep in your permanent home and the other set with you.