The Dross of Cure

It is not that day, when we just could see the wall of pissoir, train space was mosaic with leaflets. They were full of physical illness and depict the advertisement which could cure hush-hush treatment such as masturbation, asthma, menses problem etc. It is the day of cyber space. We smooth out of clicks and touches. We see advertisement on web about such remedies as well as loss weight in two weeks, gain weight with miracle food supplementary, even some are claimed to cure of HIV, cancer and Ebola in homeopathy! Some are treated drug addiction but even without interruption to addict one. This post is a way to raise your awareness for these ridiculous claims.

Before chose their claims you need to verify your mind with such motion-

  1. Does the company claim a ‘cure’ or reversal of the tangent disease?
  2. Is there scientific evidence for the claims published in peer reviewed journals?
  3. Are all ingredients identified in precise biochemical terms and quantities?
  4. Is the treatment only available privately or from only one source?
  5. Is there full disclosure of product safety information?
  6. Has the product been tested in controlled clinical trials?
  7. Is the product registered with the medicine control council (if one exists) in the country in which it is in market?



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