Meet the guy behind the intriguing Books in Movies

Meet the Delhi-Based solitary guy Abhisek Suman, who is the genius behind the intriguing Books in Movies on Twitter and Instagram

Books in  Movies is essentially a microblog curatorial that itemises the books and magazines that the stars in various movies read or are surrounded with.

“Ever wondered what people read in movies?” is the one-liner bio of Books in Movies.

Books in Movies profile on Twitter. Source: @books_in_movies

In an exclusive chat with me, Abhisek Suman reminisces his formative days of Books in Movies and memories of how it all began. Edited excerpts:

Tell us about yourself.

I live in Delhi and I am in the accounting profession juggling between work and studies. I belong to two worlds -the corporate and the cinema world, and it’s not hard to guess which one excites me more.

What kind of films do you cover?

Covering Hindi films is my first priority. I also post non-Hindi films, be it in any regional or foreign language.

Tell us the process before tweeting.

Cinema means much more to me than it does to people I know. I try to watch one movie almost every day. So whenever I notice books in any scene, I pause it and take a screenshot, and then read more about it. If I am watching a movie in a theatre, I take notes and wait for the DVD to release and then post them later.

Do you moderate Books in Movies alone or have any other contributor?

I curate this account myself. Some people also contribute by sending pics. Sanjay Desai from Gandhinagar (Gujarat) is a frequent contributor to this page. I post all the pics on Twitter and Instagram (with credits).

How did you meet Sanjay?

We met on Twitter itself. He’s such a nice fellow. I don’t know much about him though. Like me he’s also psyched up for such trivia. And he has, so far, contributed a lot to this page.

How did you get this amazing idea?

I got the idea to start this account from a fellow tweep, Pankaj Sachdeva. He is one of my favourite bloggers. I initially started tweeting from my personal account, and later created this account in April 2017.

What has the journey been like for you as someone who loves reading and is such a fan of movies? Give us some background on how it all began.

I spent my childhood in a small town of Bihar where there was no electricity then. Reading books and magazines was the only pastime. My maternal grandfather was a college lecturer and he motivated me to read books and story magazines. So that is how I plunged into the intoxicating world of books, losing myself in epic Hindi literature pieces by Munshi Premchand and Harishankar Parsai. As far as movies were concerned, I had seen very few films till I came to Delhi. You’d be surprised to know that I actually watched my first ever movie in a theatre in 2011, No One Killed Jessica. I am an introvert. I have always been sort of more to myself and so this became my world and continues to be.

Abhisek Suman’s bookshelf. Credit: Abhisek Suman

Books in Movies is followed by Konkona Sen Sharma. Can you inform us about other celeb followers?

Mayank Shekhar (Film critic), Ajay Brahmatmaj (Film news Editor, Dainik Jagran) and Stephanie Bond (American Author) are some of them.

Would you explain the detailed research process before the publishing?

Well, I do all the research myself. Most of the times, I find them easily but sometimes, the books are not properly visible in the films or I can’t find any details about them. In such cases, I search about the books/authors using related keywords.

Screenshot of tweet, uploaded scene with name of the book. Source: Twitter

Apart from Books in Movies you also run a blog, which has chronicled your daily movie viewing experiences. Give us some more info about it.

I have seen more than 3,600 fims so far. I have kept a count ever since I started watching movies and it’s all in my list. So basically I started my blog to post my “Movies that I have watched list” ( and later my read list). Also, I was very curious to know frivolous trivia like, which Hindi films are adapted or inspired from books; or which Hindi films have no songs; or in how many films actors have played multiple roles, etc. And I was so disappointed to see that none of the website/articles had featured more than 20 films in those lists (and mostly the popular ones). So I started compiling these since 2013 and so far I have posted around 20 such articles. I have compiled more than 330 Hindi films which are adapted or inspired from literary works. You can find those compilations here. Apart from the compilations, I also love making listicles of my favourite movies, performances, songs etc.

Your future plans apart from Books in Movies and blogging?

I want to make a website for Books in Movies which will have a section for untraceable books as well. And in future, if possible, would love to write a book on it with more interesting details.

Give us some hints of your bookshelf.

I love reading Hindi literature and cinema-related books. Rag Darbari by Shrilal Shukla is one of my absolute favourites. Tamas by Bhisham Shahni and Jhootha Sach by Yashpal are two books which shook me hard. And, of course, Premchand. Love everything by him. I also love reading pulp-novels by Surendra Mohan Pathak. In non-fictions, I loved Name Place Animal Thing by Mayank Shekhar, Written by Salim-Javed by Diptakirti Chaudhuri and Conversations with Mani Ratnam by Baradwaj Rangan. I also love reading Khushwant Singh, Ruskin Bond and Saadat Hasan Manto.

Collection of Books in Abhisek Suman’s bookself. Credit: Abhisek Suman

Five Indian movies, which you love.

Five Indian movies! Well, it’s so difficult to pick only five films. Here it goes (not in any order).:

1. Shekhar Kapoor’s Bandit Queen – I have never seen a Hindi film like this before. It haunted me for many weeks.

2. Anurag Kashyap’s Black Friday – This movie turned me into the geek I am. It was so real and hard-hitting. This and Bandit Queen made me discover the real cinema.

3. Kundan Shah’s Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro – Arguably the finest Hindi comedy film. Also, it made such a fine statement on the socio-political scenario which is still relevant after 34 years.

4. Guru Dutt’s Pyaasa – Had seen it when I was 14-years old and it moved me so much. This film was flawless and made me a Guru Dutt fan forever. Recently I got to experience the beautifully restored version of it on the big screen –courtesy,

5. Neeraj Ghaywan’s Masaan – Very seldom a movie comes along that touches your heart so deeply, and makes you think.  Masaan was one such film. It was heartbeakingly awesome. Made me cry so much.

Who inspires you to do what you do?

Nobody, in my real life, knows my love for cinema, not even my family. I do not have any friends in my real life. That’s why I love Twitter. I met some of the craziest cinephiles here. They always encourage me. Fortunately for me, Books in Movies has been getting a good response and support from fellow movie buffs which accelerates my momentum even further to keep continuing.

Abhisek Suman, the untiring and zealous movie and book lover. Credit: Abhisek Suman

Would you like to share any recent memories from your life that brought you joy?

I lived my fanboy moment when I met my favourite film critic Mayank Shekhar this year at a film festival. It was one of the happiest moments of my life. I have been a regular reader of his reviews and articles since 2009 and have learned a lot about movies through his pieces. It was such a satisfying feeling to watch him conduct an event from such close quarters. I also got a signed copy of his book  Name Place Animal Thing. 

This untiring and zealous movie and book lover can be contacted on Twitter @abhisek_s

Sk Badiruddin is a Kolkata based multimedia journalist, can be contacted on Twitter @skbadiruddin


Reporting of abuse or abuse of reporting: Gurgaon incident, an observation of reporting language

Representational image.

The alleged sexual abuse and murder of a 7-year-old boy of Gurgaon based Ryan International School is not exclusive news now. He was found with throat slit in the toilet of the school Friday morning. Later it gets clarification as it was a murder not sexual abuse. NDTV reported quoting PTI, “The child die due to excessive bleeding. There was no sexual assault on the minor and no semen marks were found on his school dress,” news agensy PTI quoting doctor, who conducted the postmortem. These are the matter of investigation and judiciary probe indeed.

We here want to discuss about the news potryals of this gruesome crime reported in English press.

Deccan Chronicle writes in their article: “Killer attempted to sexually abuse 7-year-old schoolboy,” PTI quoted police as saying. They headline is, “7-yr-old schoolboy’s killer held, tried to sexually abuse him: Gurgaon police”

Screenshot of reporting on Deccan Chronicle.

Several other newspapers described this crime by framing phrases as “sexual assault”. HT anonymously quoted, “He wanted to sodomise the child but could not. Fearing he would raise an alarm or inform the authorities, he took out the knife and slit his throat,” said an official.

Screenshot of reporting on HT using the word ‘sodomise’.

Malayala Manorama headlined, “Bus conductor arrested for sexually abusing, killing 7 year old boy in school.” But wrote in their article “Police said he then went to the washroom, and then waited there, intending to commit sodomy on any student who walked in.”

The Tribune, TOI reported “Kumar’s family in Bhondsi also claimed he was innocent, though later in the day, outside the Gurgaon district court, Kumar made an “admission” of guilt before news reporters and said he had committed the murder because the child had seen him in an “objectionable position” (after his arrest on Friday afternoon, Kumar had told police he was stimulating himself inside the washroom when the boy walked in).

But police suspect he tried to sexually assault the boy, going by traces of semen that they claim was found on the child’s clothes, and slit his throat with a knife when he resisted.” Indian Express, NDTV, News18, Indiatoday, TheQuint , The Hindu used the phrases like ‘sexual assault’ or ‘sexual abuse’. headlined it as “Crime Against Child” and picked the term ‘abuse’ quoting IndiaToday in its main article. DNA quoted Gurugram Police Commissioner Sandeep Khirwar, “The previous records of the accused are being scanned. He has confessed to have killed the child. He was inside the washroom when the child entered. When the victim resisted his advances, Kumar slit his throat. He then washed his hands, cleaned the knife, threw it inside the washroom, and left. We have requested for a trial in a fast-track court.”

Screenshot of reporting on TOI.
Screenshot of reporting on DNA
Screenshot of reporting on TIE
Screenshot of reporting on
Screenshot of reporting on
Screenshot of reporting on

Gender neutral law & Sodomy:

We also know that this is a country where the only form of any recognized sexual wrongdoing towards a man is sodomy, under section 377 of IPC. So, it is essential for the victim to prove before court that he has been sodomised. This on the other way contradicts another verdict of 2013. On that verdict the Centre passed its stop-gap Criminal Law (Amendment) Ordinance, which substituted “sexual assault” for “rape” and made the crime gender-neutral from the aspect of both perpetrator and victim. Yet this was, in effect, a mixed bag. While the recognition of male victims and female perpetrators was solved, it did not use the word “rape”, which was a significant omission. Mentioned in a previous article by the Scroll, which read “India’s law should recognize that men can be raped too”

Legal definition of sexual harassment according to US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), “unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature” are deemed as sexual harassment. It fits perfectly for any gender and is neutral.

In American perspective, The Slate carried an article headlined, ‘What is sodomy?’ , which explained, “The word “sodomy” itself is something of a misnomer, since the Bible contains no mention of homosexual conduct among the residents of Sodom. That corrupt city was not destroyed because of acts of buggery but rather because its citizens were inhospitable to God’s angelic messengers. Sodom was not linguistically linked with anal sex until the Middle Ages.” SaahilMurli Menghani, anchor of news18 tweeted 

Screenshot of tweet by SahilMurli Menghani

In response to his tweet a kolkata based mental health care professional Anindya Kar has something different to say

Screenshot of tweet by Anindya Kar, in reply to Sahil’s tweet

I have contacted this user (Anindya) to know why he is opposing this particular word. To which he replied “There is no harm on using Sodomy because the dictionary says it means anal intercourse. But for example in today’s India if we are highlighting a famous transgender activist’s work we will never use the word Hijra or “XYZ, the cyclonic Hijra of India,” because the word although means transgender will be derogatory and has been used as a slang for decades. Proper linguistic approach makes people aware of their own gestures and eventually helps to eradicate the hate words. Recently American Psychological Association interchanged the term “Mental Retardation” from their dictionary DSM(Diagnostics and Statistical Manual) with “Intellectual disability”, despite of the same meaning. The approach was just to address this subconscious hatred.”
If we are reporting about rape or sexuality of a woman we don’t need to describe it as “vaginal intercourse”. Even our lawmakers are in confusion to term “marital rape” which is in judicial process. For child abuse the word “sexual assault” is enough to describe this heinous crime. News is for everyone. There is no point confusing the readers by using particular ‘misnomer’ word like ‘sodomy’. If so, what would be the perfect word for language press?

However we are hopeful towards new English Media of India, where they are reporting/tweeting in a more sensitive way and consciously in sense of equal rights and tweeted

Screenshot of tweet by

The Scoopwhoop news headlined on Ramjas Professor case as “After 10 Yrs, Ramjas Professor Proved Guilty of Sexually Abusing a Number of Male Students”.

Words, in fact, can aid to thinking language of news reporting also.

With editorial inputs by Mita Biswas this article is produced by Sk Badiruddin.

He is a Kolkata based freelance multimedia journalist writes on socio-cultural affairs. He can be contacted on twitter @skbadiruddin

Affidavit of Frog Name: Judging of Science Reporting

It was 2014. And the news broke. Fourteen species of dancing frogs were discovered from the western ghat of southern India. The study was led by The University of Delhi’s well-known amphibian biologist, professor Dr. Satyabhama Das Biju. He heads Systematic Lab of the Department of Environmental Studies, there. He is a celebrated Indian frog discover-in-chief and wildlife conversationalist. Later media coined him the “Frog man of India.” He was interviewed in Sanctuary Asia magazine.  He has been featured in National Geographic. If you see this article, you will find how to report a science news when it belongs to biology. Because it is well articulated with captioned images (frogs’ scientific names are there in the caption) and a nice audiovisual documentation. Links are there. And it is a universal rule that Genus name should be Italic, the first letter in upper case and species name would be Italic and start with lower case. Sometimes species name may start with bold that have a new modernised rules of nomenclature simply naming of animals or plants.

Let’s now come back to this year. In February he has discovered seven tiny frog species. The Hindu headlined (dated 22th Feb 2017) , “Tiny frog species found in Western Ghat.” It was bylined T. Nandakumar. These tiny frogs belong to endemic Nyctibatrachus genus. It reports simplified, named four of the species in just frog name i.e., Athirappilly Night Frog ( close to Kerala’s Athirappilly waterfalls) inspired, Radcliffe’s Night Frog, Sabrimala Night Frog, Kadalar Night Frog. Other two frogs’ name was missing. Article has single frog image sans caption. It also reported quoting scientists, “Five of the seven new ‘Night Frogs’ have small ranges and their habitat is under threat.” But there was no scientific names. They mentioned only four names out of the seven.

This discovery was reported on Dailymail headlined “The fingernail frogs: Seven tiny new species of amphibians” dated 21st February 2017, bylined Shivali Best. Seven frogs name were reported. These are Vijayana’s Night Frog, Manalar Night Frog and Robin Moores’s Night frog along with  previously mentioned four in this article. In The Dailymail copy there were all these seven frogs’ names accompanying captioned images. There the author has written the common names, so there is no problem with the italic or capitalisation in scientific genus and species name.

Dailymail: image with specific frog’s common name.

Dr. Biju’s team has been discovered new more four frogs species recently which was reported in June. The Hindustantimes (by line Malavika Vyawahare) headlined (dated 20th June 2017) “Indian scientists discover four new frog species in Western Ghat.” These are: 1. Fejervarya kadar (in the name Kadar tribe of Kerala), 2. Fejervarya monoharani (in the name of T. M. Moniharan, former chief conservator of forests of Kerala, who extended his wholehearted support to Prof Biju during the early years of his amphibian career), 3. Fejervarya cepfi (named after the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund abbreviated CEPF), 4. Fejervarya neilcoxi (in name of Neil Cox, the manager of the biodiversity assessment unit at the International Union for Conversation of Nature, IUCN). All these infos are nicely mentioned in the HT’s article. They use images too of the specific species. There was no species named CEPFI, it’s a species name called cepfi. The third image was captioned, “The newly-identified Neil Coxi species. That species name is nielcoxi. Interestingly all Fejervarya genus-species name were non-italic. Is it for looking nice or editorial policy that’s a universal scientific name appears in that manner?

HT : image captioned would be cepfi in scientific name or CEPF in common name

HT: image captioned Neil Coxi. It would be neilcoxi in scientific name or Neil Cox’s frog in common name. And all scientific name were written in non-italic in the article.

Huffingtonpost did Spelling mistake on frog name by same bylined author earlier on February’s discovery (dated 22th Feb 2017) which headlined, “Four New Species of World’s Smallest Frog Discovered In The Western Ghats.” One species they called Athirappally Night Frog in the name of Athirappally waterfalls, which should be Athirappilly Night Frog. We do change village or city spelling sometime but do we change generic name of medicine or PSLV rocket spelling? And with same captioning SD BIJU..SD BIJU. Everything in science should be proper spelled when it deals with name.

HP: genus name Fejervarya not “Fejerarya.”
HP: species name is athirappilly not athirappally.
HP: image without proper caption or credit: SD Biju 
HP: Monoharan’s Burrowing Frog not Maohrahan’s and Neil Cox’s not Neil’s Cox. 

Scroll also reported this discovery bylined Vinita Govindarajan, dated 21st June 2017 headlined “In pictures: Four new species of burrowing frogs discovered in the Western Ghats.” Did one spelling mistake Fejerverya genus which would be Fejervarya. But they correctly spelled in Fejervarya as scientific name with the common name and well captioned images with the common name i.e., Nielcox, Monoharan’s Burrowing frog. But do have mistaken in scientific genus-species writing. All Genus name are italic but species are non-italic.

Scroll: genus name is Fejervarya not Fejerverya
Scroll: genus names are italic but species name are non-italic.

Newspapers or digital media for news are not research journals. These are supposed to inform a layman or all people from different non-scientific and other educational backgrounds. BBC did a simplified reporting on frog species discovery just mentioning genus name without distortion of spelling and representative captioned images. Indian science writers grow up! We don’t have Shiv Aroor who do tweet thread of warplanes or defence craft by correcting mainstream media’s spurious images. It’s not frogged.

Sk Badiruddin is a writer & independent journalist. He can be contacted on twitter @skbadiruddin

​How did mainstream English media misplaced modifier of the Calcutta HC order termed “minority appeasement” and politicise the report regarding curbs on Durga Idol by West Bengal govt

It was a order about immersion of Durga Idol regarding a PIL of October 6, 2016 by a single-member bench of honourable Justice Dipankar Dutta of High Court of Calcutta.

What was Justice Dutt phrased:

“There has been a clear endeavour on the part of the State government to pamper and appease the minority section of the public at the cost of majority section without there being any plausible justification.”

Note this phrase is “to pamper and appease the minority section of the public” not the minority religious sections of the public or community.

It was two separate​ hearing:

Two separate judgements by the High Court on Thursday, October 6, 2016 set aside the Kolkata police directive to complete the immersion by 4 p.m. on October 11, the day before Muharram.

The Hindu headlined “HC slams West Bengal for curbs on immersion”  and reported:

While hearing a public interest litigation petition, a division bench of Chief Justice Girish Gupta and Justice Arindam Singha extended the deadline till 6 p.m. on Dasami.”

And the other was “On the same day, while hearing a PIL plea by the Dhar family of Burrabazar, Justice Dipankar Datta allowed immersion of household idols till 8.30 pm on October 11.”

But in the report of the Indian Express  “two separate judgement” term was missing instead reported “Dutt allowed three petitioners representing two households and an appartment complex” and headlined,“Culcutta HC lifts Puja curbs, slams Bengal “bid to appease minority.”

It was reported,

The Kolkata police had also directed that there would be no immersion the next day because of Muharram. Immersion resumed on October 13, Justice Dutt said there was no decision prohibiting immersion beyond 4 p.m. had added, “illegal deprivation on encroachment thereof by the administration deserves to be interdirected for protecting their right.”

This report was written by Aniruddha Ghoshal. In his report the article also quoted, “appease the minority section of public”

The New Indian Express headlined,

Calcutta HC rejects bar on Durga Puja immersion; slams state for “minority appeasement​.” But in detailed report quoted Justice Dutt as same as I quoted here initially​ of this article.

Hindustan Times was headlined,

Culcutta HC pulls up state for puja restrictions meant to ‘appease’ minorities. But was mentioned there “according to a report by the Indian Expres” which I am linked earlier.

But added in last line of their report “The state government has so far not appealed the high court’s ruling. ”
In the news analysis of Shoaib Daniyal headlined,

Why did the High Court accuse the Mamata government of appeasing minorities during Durga Puja?

He also mentioned mererly about the “politicised court order” in the points and phrased:

This is welcome move. However, given the sensetive nature of the issue, the political and theological comments by the court in what is simply a matter of law seem rather unneeded and represent an unnecessary politicisation of the judiciary function.

Now I share some headlines from right-wing websites.

Postcard news headlined, “Calcutta High Court slams Mamata Government for Restricting Durga Pooja to Appease “Minorities”!

Rightactions headlined, “Calcutta HC slams Mamata badly, says you are appeasing muslims and will lead to intelorence”

Both artilcles were quoted from that Indian Express article.

Without scroll, in an article by-line Charu Kartikeya on Catchnews of Rajasthan Patrika was headlined, “Calcutta HC Puja Order: your honour, what exactly is minority appeasement”. He analysed about the courts terminology and other aspects this order. Surprisingly mainstream English media failed to give basic treatment of a judgement rather politicised by a single article. This is a real example of distortion of legal reporting merely a politicise narrative.

The author can be contacted on Twitter @skbadiruddin

8-Tips for Stay alone from home

Representational image.

As student or worker staying away from home is a common incident for part of study or earning. Sometimes you’re with family or stay alone from your permanent livelihood. You become tense up what I will do in that unknown place. Here we compiled some way to cope your time to borrow not felling lonely.

Your contact info: If you share room with mate inform him/her about your home address, residential contact no., office or institute phone number and local guardian number and you keep note for her/him essentials. You can share it to your flat mate and the house owner/mess owner or display it on your table or besides of your door wall.

Know the local book-self resources: Yes, books are your best friend indeed. Know your local library, it may be govt. recognized or under any foreign embassy. Make a membership card and participate to access reading room. Besides read book you get introduced with the other members, take part seminar which organize by the libraries and this is the best opportunity to match frequency with the right one.

Build your emergency contact: Know your local police station location and contact number and fire station number too. You need to have lodge FIR or inform the fireman if any inflammable incident happens in your neighbor.

Food court: Fast-food even dinner dish though you cook own or provide by the home service it is useful to know your nearest eatery. They will help you when you wouldn’t able to access your formal food resource.

Health is wealth: This proverb is old but idea isn’t. Know your general physician contact and his/her chamber. Medicine shops and local hospital assist you first-aid medicine or in case of casualty.

Mail or Courier: Local courier or post mail service help you to send emergency letter or gift case for dearest one or official purpose. It may be required for new job opportunity or essential participation.

Your Chronic: If you have diabetes, chronic illness or allergy even blood group inform your mate.

Xerox file: Your essential qualification documents, voter or adhaar id, driving license, passport and pass book etc. detail Xerox copy keep it in a separate file with the originals. One set keep in your permanent home and the other set with you.

The Dross of Cure

It is not that day, when we just could see the wall of pissoir, train space was mosaic with leaflets. They were full of physical illness and depict the advertisement which could cure hush-hush treatment such as masturbation, asthma, menses problem etc. It is the day of cyber space. We smooth out of clicks and touches. We see advertisement on web about such remedies as well as loss weight in two weeks, gain weight with miracle food supplementary, even some are claimed to cure of HIV, cancer and Ebola in homeopathy! Some are treated drug addiction but even without interruption to addict one. This post is a way to raise your awareness for these ridiculous claims.

Before chose their claims you need to verify your mind with such motion-

  1. Does the company claim a ‘cure’ or reversal of the tangent disease?
  2. Is there scientific evidence for the claims published in peer reviewed journals?
  3. Are all ingredients identified in precise biochemical terms and quantities?
  4. Is the treatment only available privately or from only one source?
  5. Is there full disclosure of product safety information?
  6. Has the product been tested in controlled clinical trials?
  7. Is the product registered with the medicine control council (if one exists) in the country in which it is in market?


Know These Things Before Take A Multivitamin Supplement

Are you sure to need these supplements? Image Source:

Supplement seller, buyer and researcher

In United States multivitamin gives $ 11 billion annual sales. 50 years of age or older regularly 40 – 60% of the men and women use these supplements regularly. Iowa Women’s Health study reported supplementing with certain vitamins is not helpful for health. The Alpha-Tocopherol Beta-Carotene Cancer Prevention (ATBC) study presented the first strong evidence for a harmful effect of vitamins in 1994.

What is Vitamin supplement?

A multivitamin or vitamin supplement is a mixing (in the form of capsules, tablets, powders, pastilles, liquids and injectable formulations) of dietary supplements with vitamins, dietary minerals, and other nutritional elements.

Most used vitamin supplements

Vitamin D, Vitamin E and Vitamin B12 are the most used supplements along with folic acid and calcium.

Multivitamin supplement cannot cure major disease

No supplement has been shown to cure major disease without tracing the disease by an expertise practitioner. Change your mind not to take supplement without your doctor advice. Vitamin D is commonly known as ergocalciferol (Vitamin D2) and cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3) which are used to treat hypoparathyroidism (parathyroid gland does not produce parathyroid hormone causes include injury to the parathyroid), resists rickets. How could you cure hypoparathyroidism only taken Vitamin D supplements without consulting a certified medico.

When you need a vitamin supplement

To take vitamin supplement depends on your sex, age and lifestyle pattern. Currently pregnant woman, or who are planning to have children soon advices to supplement their diet with folic acid to help prevent birth defects. Seniors who spend less than 15 minutes under sunlight daily should consider a vitamin D supplement. Over 60s adults, children aged six months to five years and all pregnant and breastfeeding women are advised to consider adding fortified with Vitamin B-12 to their dietary.

Read before eat

Your doctor is a good adviser. Without him pharmacists and registered dietitians are helpful. The NIH Office of Dietary Supplements has a series of vitamin and Mineral Fact Sheets that provide scientifically well overviews on a number of vitamins. MedicinePlus and the Food and Drug Administration have a variety of articles and consumer advisories to help the consumer. There you could collect information before to take dietary vitamin supplement.

They are salty: Effervescent tablets

Effervescent painkillers or effervescent vitamin supplements can contain up to a gram of salt per tablet. Consult to your doctor move it to non-effervescent tablet, particularly if you have warning to watch or reduce your salt intake.

Store it in right way

Vitamin D capsules and other vitamin supplements are stored at room temperature between 15c – 30c. Keep away your tablets from direct sunlight.  Protect it from any kind of damage.

Vitamin supplement to build body or sex power

No you are not a nut. With just a vitamin supplement you cannot increase body fitness or sex power. If you need–consult to your Jim instructor or sexologist. Don’t waste your money for taking supplement. Spend it for taking healthy foods.